Hydrogen-XT, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 2010. We believe that hydrogen has the potential to become the primary transportation fuel in the United States if it can overcome the cost-prohibitive nature of building the required fueling infrastructure that will enable consumers to purchase and drive hydrogen-fueled vehicles.

The company has developed a small physical-footprint, scalable and standardized hydrogen fueling station that processes natural gas or biogas, small amounts of water and electricity to produce dispensable, cost-competitive hydrogen fuel on-site using a steam methane reformer (SMR). All Hydrogen-XT stations will use a proprietary reservation system and a mobile interface that will provide the consumer with real-time location, reservation and secure transaction processing while constantly monitoring the equipment for the operator. A technology patent for this design was awarded in February 2014.

Hydrogen-XT, Inc. is currently in the process of building a pilot station in Southern California. After completion of the pilot in the third quarter of 2016, the company will use privately raised investment capital in conjunction with federal and state funds to deploy a network of stations throughout California and other states with Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) standards. In doing so, the company will deliver infrastructure and hydrogen fueling services not just to retail customers, but through corporate and public/private partnerships to commercial, public and municipal fleets and service vehicles as well.

At Hydrogen-XT, Inc. we work hard to support the roll-out of the next-generation zero-emissions fuel cell vehicles across the United States. Our technology can help surpass the carbon emission reductions prescribed by federal and state ZEV mandates ahead of the demanded time frames.

Since our reformers can operate on biogas, we will not only enable consumers who fuel their FCVs to reduce their emissions, but also offer an alternative use for methane, a greenhouse gas that in the past has often been flared or simply released into the atmosphere, significantly contributing to climate change.

Hydrogen. A simple element that solves a complicated problem.