With nearly 15 years’ experience creating efficient fuel-delivery systems, Robert Wise brings a unique skillset to Hydrogen-XT, the company he founded in 2010. A Navy veteran and former aircraft mechanic, Mr. Wise has the technical skills to design and install high-pressure fuel tanks for the safe processing and dispensing of hydrogen, while as a longtime software developer, he created a consumer-friendly application that will allow fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) drivers to locate and reserve hydrogen as fueling stations are established across the country. His hydrogen innovations combine both hardware and software solutions to build an advanced hydrogen fueling network.

Before launching Hydrogen-XT, Mr. Wise was employed at BP, one of the premier global energy companies, and ITI, a Houston-based global energy solutions contractor, where he designed information management systems that have transformed the business processes at several Fortune 100 oil and gas companies.

At Hydrogen-XT, Mr. Wise developed the technology and processes behind the company’s patented hydrogen fueling solution that enable the production of dispensable, cost-competitive hydrogen fuel to power the next generation of zero-emissions FCEVs.

Robert Wise and his family live in the greater Los Angeles, California area.