“These are exciting times, as we are fueling what everyone has always wanted: a car they can drive that doesn’t pollute at all.”
~ Rob Wise, CEO

At HydrogeNXT, we want to leave the world a better place for our children, and part of our legacy should be clean air and water. Anything we can do to reduce harmful emissions and pollutants is a win in our book. With hydrogen, we can make a strong impact on our environment – from the cars we drive, to the waste we can reuse, to the clean energy we can produce.

Why We Do It - PollutionHydrogen is universally safe (though sometimes misunderstood). And we can now do more with new technologies and renewable energy sources to power our lives in an ever-easier way – generating what we need from the things we already have.

Hydrogen created from steam methane reformers fed with methane/biogas offers the potential for zero CO2. Fuel cell vehicles directly impact the reduction of vehicle emissions and play a key role in a low-carbon, low-emission future. Hydrogen enables states and municipalities, along with state and federal agencies, to meet mandated emission targets and Zero Emission Vehicle Action Plans. We are proud to play our part in this future.

HydrogeNXT will let you breathe easy.




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