“Our cutting edge patented solution utilizes SMR technology integrating hardware, software, telecommunications and data collection.” ~ Ken Templeton, COO

car-5-fwHydrogen binds to almost anything. But before it can be used, it must be separated. There are a number of ways to produce hydrogen, but given today’s process technologies, the most common ones are electrolysis and steam methane reformation. Electrolysis requires a lot of water, chemicals and energy to break the water molecules apart and create hydrogen and oxygen. The process is expensive and, given the current drought situation in a large part of the US, not suitable for the affected states.

HydrogeNXT is using steam methane reforming to create clean, green hydrogen from biogas such as methane captured at landfills or sewage treatment plants. We take a small amount of water that is turned into steam, which we then use to break the methane molecules apart. In the process we reduce the carbon content of the methane; the captured carbon is filtered out and collected as solids that can be safely disposed or used for other industrial processes. The steam is efficiently recycled and reused.

We produce our hydrogen on-site, with our feedstock gas being delivered through the same pipelines that bring natural gas to your kitchen. This means that there are no fuel deliveries to the station, resulting in reduced emissions related to our logistics and supply chain. In addition, some of the hydrogen we produce is consumed by a fuel-cell that is part of our patented station design. This fuel cell provides the energy required for the hydrogen production process and operation of the station, with the excess energy being sold to the electric grid – increasing the percentage of electricity from renewables in the overall system and adding to the stability of the grid.

Less water. Fewer emissions. That’s how HydrogeNXT does it.



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