HydrogeNXT is developing the world’s first network of hydrogen fuel stations that produce renewable, clean hydrogen on-site using steam-methane reformation (SMR) technology.  Our leading-edge technology converts methane, a greenhouse gas that significantly contributes to climate change, into hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs).  In the process we reduce the carbon content of the methane so that drivers not only help the environment when they are driving their cars, but also when they fuel up at a HydrogeNXT station!

We take methane captured at landfills or sewage treatment plants, ambient air and a small amount of water which we turn into steam to break the methane’s molecules apart and convert it into hydrogen.  HydrogeNXT has developed a small-footprint, but scalable station that uses this process to create clean, green hydrogen on-site rather than having it delivered by truck from a large-scale industrial plant. In this way we also reduce the emissions related to our logistics and supply chain.

HydrogeNXT’s stations not only reduce greenhouse gases but also use up to 96% less water than traditional hydrogen stations using electrolysis, making our sites the ideal solution for drought-affected states like California.  As the stations are scalable, we will be able to efficiently match fuel capacity with demand as more consumers are driving FCEVs.

HydrogeNXT’s stations also include a fuel cell that takes any unsold hydrogen and turns it into clean, green electricity that we feed into the grid.  This turns our network into a decentralized power generator that not only adds to the stability of the grid itself, but also increases its amount of energy from renewable sources.


Our Technovation Rendering
Our Technovation Nature

Our stations are connected to a proprietary, patented cloud-based network that not only monitors the performance and real-time status of each station, but also provides a fuel location and reservation system to our customers.  By downloading a free app onto their smartphones, our customers will be able to locate, reserve and pay for the fuel they need at any of our stations, ensuring that they will never run out of fuel and get stranded on the side of the road.  Fuel reservations can be managed by the customer, and in the unlikely event that a station becomes unavailable, reservations will automatically be moved to a nearby fuel station.

HydrogeNXT strives to not only provide customers with an easy and seamless fill-up process, but also to enhance their ownership experience of driving an FCEV. We are committed to providing consumers with access to a safe, clean, reliable and affordable source of hydrogen fuel for their vehicles so that they can go without worries wherever their daily lives take them.

How is HydrogeNXT producing fuel?

HydrogeNXT is using next-generation production methods and processes using steam methane reforming technology to safely produce clean, green hydrogen to power fuel cell vehicles.

  • Produced from natural gas and biogas; uses up to 96% less water than electrolysis
  • Decarbonizes feedstock gas by up to 36%
  • On-site production means no fuel truck deliveries to station and reduced emissions related to logistics/supply chain operations
Our Technovation Pump
  • Integrated fuel cell generates green electricity to power the station; excess electricity is fed into the electric grid
  • Continuous operation of our SMRs ensures fuel availability for consumers and results in increased operating efficiencies and decreased maintenance costs
  • Using hydrogen to produce electricity provides an outlet for additional volumes of biogas and assists in the further reduction of greenhouse gases
  • Smartphone application lets consumers locate the fuel station, reserve fuel and process the transaction
  • Cloud-based integrated network and back-office solution allow remote station management and performance monitoring in real-time

HydrogeNXT Fuel App

Fueling your car is as easy as 1-2-3 if you use our smartphone app!

  1. Locate a HydrogeNXT fuel station and make a reservation for the fuel you need when you need it.
  2. Let the app route your way to the station (no worries, if there is a traffic delay your reservation will automatically be updated!)
  3. Upon arrival at the station, authorize the pump, fill up your car and complete the transaction.