With over a decade directing high-impact programs within government and the private sector, Kym Carey is an industry thought leader and visionary for hydrogen fuel cell technology, federal policy-making and leading-edge global hydrogen “ecosystem” development. She is focused on launching the first green hydrogen fueling infrastructure within the U.S. and worldwide, utilizing natural gas and renewable biogas in the only sustainable and economically-viable model for hydrogen fuel delivery.

Prior to joining Hydrogen-XT, Kym managed and executed the permitting and construction process for four hydrogen stations in California, and now serves as a key hydrogen industry liaison for global vehicle manufacturers, policy-makers and disruptive hydrogen technology innovators. During her tenure at the U.S. Department of Energy, Kym managed deployment programs for hydrogen and fuel cell technology as well as building energy efficiency. In both sectors she was responsible for adoption support, compliance, best practices and optimizing technology across application usage nationwide. Prior to the DOE, she established and managed both national and international standards, best practices and a critical advocacy network.

A Texas-native and graduate of the University of London, she has an M.A. in International Relations and relocated to Southern California to spearhead pioneering efforts for the future of hydrogen energy.