Hydrogen-XT, Inc.’s innovative station design includes the integration of a fuel cell that allows us to efficiently generate cheap and clean electricity during off-peak operating hours. The electricity can be used in the operation of the system, providing for the ability to continue fueling FCVs during power outages, or be sold back into the electric grid. This allows for near continuous operation of the steam methane reformer, resulting in increased operating efficiencies and decreased maintenance costs. Aside from opening up a secondary revenue stream, this also provides an outlet for additional volumes of biogas and thus assists in the further reduction of greenhouse gases.

Hydrogen-XT, Inc. can remotely convert all systems into electricity production mode-only should the need arise. This could, for example, allow at least a rudimentary operation of the service station hosting Hydrogen-XT, Inc.’s equipment in times of prolonged electricity outages, such as after natural disasters like tornadoes or hurricanes, and aid in the affected region’s recovery efforts as long as there is gas flow to the site. As a decentralized power generation network, Hydrogen-XT, Inc. will contribute significantly to and enhance the stability of the existing electric grid.