Hydrogen-XT, Inc. has developed a small physical-footprint, scalable and standardized hydrogen fueling station design that uses natural gas or biogas, small amounts of water and electricity to produce a minimum of 100 kg/day of dispensable, cost-competitive hydrogen fuel on-site.

We produce hydrogen on-site through a steam methane reformer rather than through electrolysis or by following the conventional Compression/Storage/Dispensing (CSD) business model where hydrogen is delivered to the site by a tanker truck. Our technology reduces water consumption by over 95% compared to electrolysis; we therefore reduce both the water requirements in drought-afflicted areas like California and the risk inherent in transporting a flammable and explosive fuel on the road.  Our base configuration can serve up to 40 customers in a 24-hour period; however, the station is scalable and modular so that incremental capacity can be added as customer demand for hydrogen increases.

All station components are internet-enabled, connect to our secure enterprise solution and provide data to the Hydrogen-XT network.  This integration into the enterprise network is a step-change in the operation and maintenance of the hardware, as Hydrogen-XT is able to remotely monitor station performance in real-time and allows the company to both optimize equipment performance and to eliminate reactive maintenance while enabling the consumer to locate available fuel points, view their operational status and fuel availability, and reserve hydrogen fuel for their vehicles through the mobile interface.