Hydrogen-XT, Inc. has developed virtual private networking technology that integrates the hardware, fuel storage and dispensing/point of sale equipment into an end-to-end cloud-based solution.  Our network consists of two components:  The Station Software and the Enterprise system.

The Station Software manages the physical Hydrogen-XT fueling station. It interacts with the Enterprise System to report maintenance issues and inventory levels, and with the Mobile Interface to unlock the station for a driver. The Station Software also monitors the amount of natural gas or biogas, water and electricity consumed on site.

Aside from managing the inventory at all stations in the network, the Enterprise System will identify stations in need of maintenance through interaction with the Station Software and indicate opportunities for growth by analyzing sales trends at each given location to make sure that our customers always have enough fuel available.  The Enterprise System also houses the driver account and billing information and invoices customers via the Mobile Interface.