HydrogeNXT is a privately held engineering company founded in 2010 developing hydrogen-based solutions for both commercial/industrial applications and fuel cell electric vehicles.  Our network of affordable, standardized and scalable fueling stations will convert biogas, such as landfill methane, into clean, green, renewable hydrogen for consumers’ transportation needs and industrial requirements.

Welcome to HydrogeNXT

The once hope of hydrogen fueled vehicles at home or in the work place is now being realized across our globe.

Zero emissions… Green… Safe…

These are but a few of the descriptive words describing the automotive attributes of hydrogen fuel today.

We are proud to be fueling that actuality.

Through our on site SMR proprietary processes we are able to put the fuel or pulse into these leading edge vehicles like no one else.

Those who are now using hydrogen to fuel there lives… do so with a quiet confidence that they are at the forefront of help giving back the color to our planet.

The variety of environmental and quality of life benefits are striking especially in contrast to petroleum…

In fact the reality is proving to be better than the dream.

Here at the HydrogeNXT web hub...  we will be adding content continually. We look forward to us all growing and evolving together in this undertaking.

Finally - Our team is grateful to be part of a large community of cutting edge industries who believe quality of life conveniences and environment can go hand and hand!!

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